A drug charge can have a significant effect on your life. Even something like a misdemeanor possession charge can put your job or the custody of your kids in jeopardy.

You need a criminal defense attorney in your corner who knows how to get results. Call me, Michael Policastro, for a free consultation to discuss your case and learn about your options today: 732-400-5161. I get results for clients throughout Middlesex County and the surrounding areas, and I handle federal drug cases throughout New Jersey.

Know Your Options When Facing Drug Charges

New Jersey state and the federal government are tough on drug crimes - cracking down on everything from street drugs to prescription drugs. From cocaine trafficking to the possession of marijuana, all drug charges can result in serious consequences. However, there are strong defenses to drug charges that I use to get my clients' cases dismissed or reduced. If that isn't possible in your case, you can count on me to go to court to fight for you.

I'm in court often, and the prosecutors in this area know that I will force them to prove every element of their cases beyond a reasonable doubt. When I'm your lawyer, the prosecutors have a problem to deal with - I don't.

After many years as a successful business owner, I became an attorney because I wanted to protect the rights of people in New Jersey. I know that drug charges often stem from illegal searches of people and property and serious police errors. As your lawyer, I will dig into the evidence to uncover whether the police violated your rights at any stage - and if they did, I will make it my mission to get your charges dropped or at least the evidence excluded.

Rest assured that if your case needs to go before a jury, I am prepared to fight for you. I am a trial attorney who has won several first-degree criminal trials. Don't take my word for it. Take a look at my record of accomplishments.

Get A Free Case Review. Ask Me About My Track Record And Payment Plans.

I urge you not to hire an attorney because of his or her website. Meet with a couple of lawyers in person, and ask them about their track records and what they can do for you. You should feel confident with the person you are trusting with your freedom and your future. Call 732-400-5161 or send me an email to set something up. Evening, weekend and jail visits are available by request. Se habla español.