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Manufacturing methamphetamines, crack cocaine or heroin, and growing marijuana, are some of the most serious drug crimes in New Jersey. Whether your case is being handled in state or federal court, you could face a double-digit prison sentence — and a criminal record that will haunt you long after serving that sentence.

If you face manufacturing charges, your attorney must know how to deal with prosecutors. As an experienced trial attorney, I am prepared to help you. I represent clients in Middlesex County and the surrounding areas, and I handle federal drug cases across New Jersey.

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Why Are You Facing Manufacturing Charges?

In New Jersey, you can end up being charged with manufacturing just for handling a drug. Measuring crack cocaine and cutting heroin are often labeled as "manufacturing." The lines separating drug possession from distribution, trafficking and manufacturing are rarely clear. Prosecutors look at many drug activities as organized crime and they work hard to get convictions in these cases.

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Whatever your story may be, as a trial attorney, I know how to work with prosecutors productively in an effort to get results for you. I also know when it is time to stop negotiating and start fighting. I commit to my clients 100 percent, doing everything within my power to protect their freedom and their future.

I prepare every case as if it is going to trial. A plea deal may or may not be your best option. Your life as you know it is on the line. Ask any lawyer you meet with to show you some recent case results. Read some of mine here.

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When you are linked to a drug operation, the stakes are high. Whether you end up hiring me or not, I want you to understand your options. Give me a call at 732-400-5161 today to schedule a free consultation. You can also reach me by email. Evening, weekend and jail visits are available by request. Se habla español.