Trafficking Offenses: Know And Protect Your Rights

If you have been accused of trafficking drugs or weapons, you need to talk to an experienced attorney as soon as possible. The state or federal government is likely to prosecute you aggressively, and you could face long-term consequences including mandatory prison time.

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Weapons Trafficking: Moving Handguns Across State Lines

New Jersey has extremely tough laws regarding weapons trafficking. If you drive into New Jersey with a legal handgun, as registered in another state, New Jersey is likely to call that a crime.

If you were accused of a weapons offense linked to drug trafficking, you face even steeper penalties. I am prepared to help you.

I am a trial attorney who knows how to do what it takes to get you the best possible outcome. I have won not-guilty verdicts in many recent handgun violation cases, and I welcome the opportunity to help you understand your rights and options. Early legal help can be key, and I urge you to get in touch with me today.

Drug Trafficking: The Experienced Defense You Need

Drug trafficking is a crime that involves more than possessing or distributing drugs, but many people are charged with trafficking when they are not actually involved in this organized activity. Nonetheless, prosecutors aim for convictions in drug trafficking cases, and harsh sentences apply.

But, you have options. Depending on the details of your arrest and the circumstances of your case, as your attorney I may be able to:

  • Fight to suppress evidence: If I find search and seizure violations, I will push the judge to exclude related evidence.
  • Reduce the charges: In some, but not all, cases, pleading down to a lesser offense like drug possession is in the defendant's best interests.
  • Go to battle for an acquittal: I am not one of those criminal defense lawyers who take the easy way out — negotiating a plea deal in every case. If I believe I can get you a not-guilty verdict, I am prepared to fight for it.

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