Fighting Property Theft Charges

Depending on the amount of property stolen, you could face anything from a petty disorderly persons offense to a felony. The best way to resolve your case depends on the circumstances of your arrest and your background.

From my law office in Middlesex County, New Jersey, I offer skilled attorney counsel for property theft offenses of all kinds. As your lawyer, your freedom and your clean record are my priorities.

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Property Theft Penalties In New Jersey

The consequences for theft vary depending on the severity of the charge:

  • Petty disorderly persons offenses are the least serious theft charges. This petty theft offense is punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a fine.
  • Disorderly persons offenses carry up to six months in jail, fines and probation. This charge may apply if the stolen items were valued at less than $200.
  • Fourth-degree theft offenses carry up to 18 months in jail, fines and probation, and generally apply when the value of the items stolen is between $200 and $500.
  • Third-degree theft offenses carry up to five years in jail, fines and probation. This charge is for thefts of $500 to $75,000, as well as auto theft, weapons theft and other specific types of theft.
  • Second-degree theft offenses carry up to 10 years in prison, fines and probation. This charge is for property thefts valued at $75,000 and more, as well as crimes involving extortion, drugs and human remains.

The Value Of A Good Attorney

Convictions for these theft offenses, other than petty disorderly persons charges, will result in a permanent criminal record. Long after you pay your fines and serve your sentence, your criminal record can haunt you. Many employers will not hire people who have theft crimes on their records. It could even be tough for you to get an apartment. If you find yourself charged with even a minor crime in the future, the court can give you a tougher sentence because of your history.

As your lawyer, my goal is to resolve your case in the best possible way — and this means keeping your record clean if at all possible. I will look for opportunities to get a dismissal or reduced charges, explore favorable pleas and fight for an acquittal at trial if necessary.

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