Everyone knows traffic tickets are a hassle, but sometimes they are much more than that. Depending on the type and number of violations, you could face a lot more than fines, including license suspension, insurance rate hikes and even jail time.

Paying the ticket and accepting the consequences that come might not be the right choice.

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Affordable Legal Representation For Traffic Violations

Many people fail to bring a lawyer to traffic court because they think they can't afford one or that it's not worth it. To be honest with you, it might not be worth it - that is, if you're going to overpay someone who plans to rip you off.

I encourage you to get quotes from more than one attorney for your traffic case. Just because a lawyer is expensive doesn't mean that he or she knows how to get the job done. My law office has an excellent record in traffic court, and I pride myself on offering skilled legal services for fair fees.

Payment plans are available.

Whether you face speeding tickets, a citation for an unlicensed driver or a drunk driving charge, I know what is at stake, and I care. Losing your license can mean losing your job, and I do everything possible to resolve my clients' cases as favorably as possible. I urge you to contact my law office today to learn what we can do for you.

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