Fighting Assault And Battery Convictions

Assault and battery convictions can seriously impact your life. Whether you are facing charges following a domestic situation, a bar fight, a robbery or any other confrontation, you could face serious consequences if convicted.

Even if no one suffered harm, you could still face severe penalties if convicted for assault. I am attorney Michael Policastro and I defend people facing charges for violent crimes in Middlesex County, New Jersey. I handle serious federal cases statewide. If you want to learn about your options to face these charges, give me a call today at 732-400-5161.

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Assault Vs. Battery Charges

Assault and battery are two separate charges, with battery being a subcategory of assault. You can find yourself accused of assault for making any kind of threat to another person, regardless of whether you followed through on an alleged threat. Battery, on the other hand, involves physical contact with the intent to cause harm.

Either charge can result in long-lasting consequences, including restraining orders, jail time, anger management classes and a permanent criminal record — affecting your job and even your ability to get an apartment or a loan. If your situation involved a weapon or a sex offense, the potential penalties could increase significantly.

Are you the victim of a crime who ended up facing criminal charges after reporting it? I will help you tell your side of the story and be heard.

The Dedicated Attorney You Need

The best way to handle an assault and battery case depends on the circumstances of your arrest, your criminal history and your priorities. As your lawyer, I will be honest with you about all of your options and what to expect every step of the way.

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