Ban on Stun Guns Lifted in NJ

Last year, guns rights advocates made an advance in practicing their Second Amendment rights in New Jersey. The state’s attorney general has agreed to allow civilian residents to own stun guns, which are also commonly referred to as tasers. This change not only impacts civilians but also the rules regarding the use of stun guns by New Jersey law enforcement.

Soon, civilians over the age of 18 may be allowed to purchase and own these devices. New Jersey has notoriously strict gun laws and those who are in favor of the right to bear arms are continuously working on loosening them. In recent years, a gun rights group known as the Second Amendment Society filed a lawsuit against the New Jersey’s Attorney General Office requesting that stun guns are allowed. The only other states that do not permit residents to own stun guns are Hawaii, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and neighboring New York State. In fact, New Jersey was the last state in the entire United States to allow even their law enforcement to use stun guns. However, many argue that these are a better alternative than having to use deadly force on an unruly person. Law enforcement is only permitted to use a stun gun against a person who refuses to drop a weapon or is actively resisting arrest.

If you have questions about New Jersey’s gun laws, you should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney who can provide you with assistance.

If you have been charged with a crime in New Jersey, it is essential to retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Contact the Law Office of Michael A. Policastro today to schedule a consultation so we can discuss your situation. 

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