How is a robbery different from theft?

New Jersey takes crimes related to theft very seriously and those who are convicted will be subject to very harsh penalties. While theft consists of the simple removal of another person’s property without their permission, it is important to note that this crime can be upgraded. If the individual was to use force while attempting to unlawfully take property from another person, they may be charged with a robbery crime. Robbery is very serious and consists of an individual committing the following acts while they steal from another party:

  • Attempting to harm or actually harming the subject of the robbery
  • Threatening to harm or actually harming a third party in an effort to intimidate the subject of the robbery
  • Using a deadly weapon while stealing property
  • Threatening to kill another party or actually killing another party

Of course, these are very, very serious situations, many of which are actually first degree felonies. Some robberies are considered felonies in the second or third degree, depending on the situation. When an individual is convicted of robbery, they may be subject to the No Early Release Act, which requires them to serve at least 85-percent of their sentence before being considered for parole.

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