Marijuana Possession Charges in New Jersey | What You Need to Know

If you are someone who has recently been charged with marijuana possession, the sale/distribution of marijuana, or any other marijuana-related charges, you must continue reading and reach out to our experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney to learn more about drug crimes and how we can help if you have been charged with one. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What happens if I am charged with marijuana possession in New Jersey?

This year, the vote for whether to legalize the recreational use of marijuana will be on the ballot. However, as of now, possessing marijuana still comes with serious criminal penalties in New Jersey, and if you are someone who is facing a marijuana possession charge in New Jersey, you absolutely need an experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney who can work to fight the following charges:

  • 50 grams or less: This is a disorderly person penalty, for which you may spend up to 6 months in jail, as well as face a potential l$1,000 fine.
  • More than 50 grams: If you are caught with more than 50 grams of marijuana, you may spend up to 1.5 years in jail, and you may also face a potential $25,000 fine.

What happens if I am caught selling marijuana in the state of New Jersey?

New Jersey courts take the illegal sale of any drug very seriously, and if you are someone who has been caught selling marijuana, you are looking at a wide array of potential penalties. Some of the consequences you may face for selling marijuana in NJ are as follows:

  • Less than 1 ounce: You may go to jail for up to 1.5 years, and you may also have to pay a hefty $25,000 fine
  • More than 1 ounce, but less than 5 pounds: This can warrant up to 5 years of jail time, on top of a potential $25,000 fine
  • Between 5-25 pounds: You may spend up to 10 years in prison, and you may also have to pay a potential $150,000 fine.
  • More than 25 pounds: For selling more than 25 pounds at a time, you face a potential 20-year prison sentence, as well as a maximum $300,000 fine
  • Within 1,000 feet of a school or school bus: 5 years in jail and a potential $150,000 fine
  • To a pregnant woman or a minor: Sentence doubling

If you are facing any marijuana-related charges, or any other drug charge in New Jersey, give our experienced firm a call today.

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When someone is charged with a crime, they have a lot to consider. However, we understand that everyone makes mistakes, which is why we are here to help. No matter your circumstances, if you are facing criminal charges, contact the Law Offices of Michael A. Policastro today for the experienced legal counsel you deserve and need. 

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