What is New Jersey’s drug court?

New Jersey residents are struggling tremendously with drug addiction. In an effort to try and combat some of the tragedy associated with drug abuse, New Jersey has instituted a number of drug court programs. The program aims to allow eligible individuals to work with a team of substance abuse professionals that can help them recover from drug addiction.

When an individual participates in drug court, they will be subject to frequent random drug testing, sanctions for noncompliance, court appearances, and meetings with probation officers. Drug court is very beneficial for those who are eligible, as they are able to avoid incarceration and face their substance abuse issues head on with the resources and guidelines necessary for success.

In order to be considered for drug court, the individual:

  • must benefit from treatment for drug or alcohol dependency
  • must have been dependent when the offense was committed
  • Must have been under the influence of committing the crime to support the dependency
  • Did not have a firearm in their possession during this crime or during any other crime
  • Must not be a danger to the community
  • Has not been convicted more than once of a crime
  • Has not been previously convicted or charged with a violent crime

There is a lot of complexity in determining whether an individual is eligible for drug court. If they are eligible, they must be on probation for five years, live in a residential treatment facility immediately for at least 6 months, and they must participate in an outpatient treatment program after they have completed their residential treatment program.

If you have questions about whether you are eligible for drug court or have been charged with a drug-related offense, contact our firm today.

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