What are the penalties for texting and driving?

Any form of distracted driving is very dangerous and causes serious and fatal accidents across the country. Distracted driving can consist of anything that takes a driver’s attention off the road but is typically related to a mobile phone or device. Thousands of deaths across the country each year are caused by distracted driving. In New Jersey, distracted driving has been found to be a major factor contributing to motor vehicle accidents. The state prohibits drivers to use handheld devices behind the wheel and will impose strict penalties if the law is broken.

Individuals who use a hand-held wireless phone or electronic communication device to talk, text, or email will face the following penalties, depending on the number of infractions they have on record:

  • A first offense infraction will result in a fine between $200 and $400, plus the cost of going to court if necessary
  • A second offense infraction within a ten year period will result in a fine between $400 and $600, plus the cost of going to court if required
  • A third or subsequent infraction within a ten year period will result in a fine between $600 and $800 as well as 3 points on the driver’s license and potential for a license suspension up to 90 days

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