What Happens if I Receive a Criminal Contempt of Court Charge?

If you were charged with criminal contempt of court during your legal proceedings, it likely means that you conducted yourself in a way that defied or otherwise disrespected the authority of the New Jersey court and hurt their ability to properly administer justice. Continue reading for more information on how a criminal contempt of court charge can impact you during and after your legal proceedings and how one of the seasoned Middlesex County criminal defense attorneys at The Law Offices of Michael A. Policastro can help you fight against it.

How does the state of New Jersey define a criminal contempt of court charge?

A New Jersey judge may charge you with criminal contempt of court if they are trying to deter you from future acts of contempt.

This charge can be further divided into direct contempt or indirect contempt. That is, a judge may charge you with direct contempt if your offense occurred in the presence of the New Jersey court. On the other hand, you will be charged with indirect contempt if your offense occurred outside the court, such as if you improperly communicated with the jurors or you refused to provide subpoenaed evidence.

With this charge, you will likely be punished regardless of the outcome of the underlying proceeding. And, if you are incarcerated due to this offense, you cannot negotiate your release regardless of your willingness to comply with the New Jersey court.

What should I do if I receive a criminal contempt of court charge?

As insinuated above, if a judge charges you with criminal contempt of court, you are facing separate charges from the underlying proceeding. The severity of the penalties will depend on the severity of your behavior. But unfortunately, the result will likely be jail time and/or a fine. And as such, incarceration for criminal contempt of court will begin immediately and even before the charge is adjudicated and the sentence is decided.

With that being said, you must be made aware that you have the same constitutional rights as a criminal defendant. For example, you hold the right to counsel, the right to put on a defense, and the right to a jury trial, among others. Additionally, this charge against you must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

For assistance with fighting the charges against you, do not hesitate in consulting with a competent Middlesex County criminal defense attorney today. We will work on your behalf and reduce or altogether eliminate the jail time and/or fines you are up against.

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