What if I am Pulled Over Driving Without a License?

Have you ever gotten into your car to drive to a friend’s house and halfway there you realize you forgot your wallet at home? Most likely, your driver’s license was in your wallet, and you are technically driving without a license. In New Jersey, there are a few types of unlicensed drivers. It is important to know the penalties that come with different license violations. Read on to learn more about the different types of unlicensed drivers in New Jersey and the fines associated with each.

License Not in Possession

This refers to people who have a valid New Jersey driver’s license, but it is not in their possession. For example, you forgot or misplaced your wallet. For the most part, this violation carries a $150 penalty. A skilled traffic violations attorney will work to waive this fee.

Driving Without a Valid License

If you never had a valid driver’s license, and you are caught driving unlicensed, you may face fines of $200 to $500 and up to 60 days in jail. If convicted of this, you will also be prohibited from obtaining a driver’s license for at least 180 days.

Driving with a Suspended License

Driving with a suspended license carries serious penalties.

This will result in a $500 fine for a first offense. A $750 fine for a second offense and one to five days in jail. Anyone convicted of a third or subsequent offense may face a $1,000 fine and ten days in jail. If the convicted person has a prior conviction within the last five years, the person’s vehicle registration will also be revoked.

New Jersey’s New Exception

At the moment, teenagers in New Jersey who passed their road test will not have to get a driver’s license. Instead, they will be able to use a validated learner’s permit as a temporary license. This was done to avoid long lines and crowds at the MVC during COVID-19.

Clealry, regardless of what category you fall into, there will be fines and even possible jail time for driving without a license. If you are pulled over and caught driving without a license, it is important that you retain the help of a skilled traffic violations attorney. If you or a loved one is pulled over without a license, contact our firm today. We will fight to lower your fines and reduce any potential jail time.

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