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The Law Office of Michael A. Policastro is an experienced criminal defense law firm located in Milltown, New Jersey. Our firm defends clients charged with DWIs, traffic violations, and criminal matters, including murder, assault and other violent matters, drug crimes, sex offenses, theft, weapon charges, juvenile offenses, and more. Our firm also recognizes that people make mistakes and need a helping hand through the expungement process. In addition to criminal law, our firm handles a range of personal injury matters for those injured by another’s wrongdoing.

Our Firm’s Commitment

We are fighters. Our firm is ready to fight for the rights of our clients when they face significant legal matters. We provide clients with a forthright, honest assessment of their legal situation. Whether the case involves a serious crime or a traffic violation, we are going to tell our clients what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. If we can help, we will do so with fervent representation. Every case is signifiant. Every client is family.

Legal Services

Being accused of a crime has far-reaching consequences. Each step in the criminal law process threatens your freedom, your employment, your reputation and the well-being of your family. It is important to discuss your matter with an effective attorney as soon as you are arrested or believe that you are under investigation.Β  The Law Office of Michael A. Policastro provides clients across the state with effective criminal defense regarding a range of legal matters, including:

Michael A. Policastro, Esq.

Attorney Michael A. Policastro is one of the most steadfast, effective attorneys in New Jersey. He founded the firm to provide the same passion to his clients as he did to every past venture. Since the firm’s inception, his tenacity, skill, and passion have helped countless clients through the toughest of times. He is honored to celebrate an esteemed reputation across the state. He is results-driven and his record supports it. Click here for his full bio.

Client Reviews

"Check out this rap I made for Mike Policastro."-P-Luv

"Thanks for making yourself so available and understanding. I can see why people recommend you so highly…"-Tom S.

"He’s the actual real-life Tom Cruise character from A Few Good Men. All the charisma and knowledge in the world. And he’s one of the people. Power to the people!"-Omar G.

"He did nothing but provide great service for me a couple friends of mine. Thank You, Mike!"-James P.

"He was upfront and truthful. Very friendly. One of the best."-Pascual M.

"Although the receptionists are very busy and the office is always packed, Mike P and Greg Smith do a wonderful job. They are amazing attorneys and will take care of you."-Brandi A.

"These reviews give no info on Michael so I will give my take on him. THE GUY IS TRULY AMAZING. I am 21, on probation, and I took the public defender to try and save some money and I was supposed to do 6 MONTHS IN JAIL. Insane. I don’t…"-Brandon S.

"Mr. Policastro is a very good lawyer and a wonderful person."-Lenny M.

"The BEST of the BEST! My Friend Mike…"-Karen B.

"Hi, everyone, my name is David, I want everybody to know what a Wonderful man Mike Policastro is. I went to him because I had a couple serious charges. I was facing a prison sentence of 5 years plus an extended term of 5 to 10 on top of the…"-David

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