What are the laws for assault rifles?

In the state of New Jersey, assault rifles are banned. This means that they are illegal to have in your possession. However, there are some exceptions. Individuals that acquired an assault rifle before May 1,1990 are able to keep it in their possession. While it is legal to possess an assault rifle purchased before that date, there are limitations to this possession. There are limits on the number of magazine rounds you are able to have in your possession and there are NFA regulations that apply as well. Assault rifles can be dangerous weapons and are not seen as safe as they used to be due to current gun troubles.

Can I carry a gun?

Americans are able to own a gun and keep it in their homes. If they wish to carry a gun on their person, they will have to go through another procedure to be granted access to do so. To acquire a carry permit, an individual has to establish that they need to protect themselves based on an urgent matter. This could be for a form of protection that has risen due to current issues surrounding them. New Jersey is a no-issue state, which means that carry permits are rarely issued to the public. If an individual has a shotgun in their possession that is legal through the presence of a permit, they may wish to apply for a permit to carry. They can do so if they wish, however, if they cannot prove they are in dire need of this step, they may be denied access.

Where do I purchase a gun?

Guns must be purchased from a licensed dealer or a resident of the state. If they are not purchased in this way, it may be seen as an illegal transaction. It is important to acquire a gun legally. You can face consequences if you do not. When you purchase a gun, the gun will be registered with a permit to show that it is in your possession. This allows authorities to easily see who owns a gun if they were to commit a crime with it. Never let someone use your gun. Only the individual with the gun permit should handle the gun.

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