How can a drug offense affect me?

Drugs can be harmful substances that are abused by individuals. In an effort to eliminate drug use and abuse, the authorities have strict penalties on those who are charged with drug offenses. Those who are found in possession of drugs can be charged with various penalties. The more drugs that are in your possession, the more penalties you may face and the harsher they may be. If you are found to be selling drugs, you can face even more consequences due to the distribution of these illegal substances.

What drugs can I face penalties for?

Since each drug has a different effect, it may have different consequences that are associated with it. Drugs are ranked by their addictiveness and their danger level. Schedule I drugs can include heroin, ecstasy, LSD, peyote and Quaaludes. Cocaine and Heroin are more highly addictive drugs that may lead to a felony charge. Depending on how much of each drug are found decides if you will get a misdemeanor or felony charge. If enough of the drug is found in your possession, you may even be charged with intent to sell based on an amount that is seen as more than just personal use. This can lead to worse consequences.

Prescription drugs can be considered illegal if you obtain them illegally. This means that they are not prescribed for you, but rather for someone else but you have gained possession of them through means that lead to illegal activity. If you are found in possession of prescription drugs and cannot present a prescription for them, you can be charged as a criminal since it is not technically yours. Although prescription drugs are legal, they can be abused by those who do not have the proper documentation for them. Drugs such as Oxycodone and Percocet are abused and people can become addicted to them. The Controlled Substances Act classifies these drugs based on their medical use, their rate of abuse and the addictiveness of them. They are arranged from Schedule II to Schedule IV based off of these aspects.

How is drug trafficking different from distribution?

If you are charged with drug trafficking, the consequences may be even more threatening since it is considered to be worse than the distribution of drugs. Drug trafficking is the sale, distribution, transportation and production of a large amount of drugs. It can include drugs such as cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs, marijuana and more. It can show more involvement with drugs on a larger scale.

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