Identity Theft Penalties in New Jersey | What to Know

There are a number of ways for criminals to be able to commit identity theft. The state of New Jersey has cracked down on these charges. If you have committed an act of identity theft, you can expect to face heavy consequences. Depending on the situation, you may face second-degree crime charges. To learn more about identity theft penalties in New Jersey and the steps to take following being accused of identity theft, continue reading. Reach out to our experienced criminal defense attorney to discover how our legal team can assist you if you are facing such charges.

What is identity theft?

Identity theft is defined as an individual uses someone else’s name and personal data to open up an account or acquire something of value. Examples of personal data include Social Security numbers, addresses, and more.

With the increase in technological advancements, identity theft has become a larger issue. Stealing one’s identity can severely impact their life and future. The penalties for such a crime are severe in New Jersey. Examples of identity theft include the following:

  • Fraudulent use of telephone calling cards or online accounts
  • False applications for loans and credit cards
  • Fraudulent withdrawals from bank accounts
  • Obtaining other goods or privileges which the offender might be denied if they were to use their real name

What are the penalties for identity theft in New Jersey?

Depending on how much the offender has stolen, the penalties of identity theft vary. Below are the charges you may face depending on the severity of the crime:

  • $75,000 or more stolen: Second-degree crime
  • More than $500 but less than $75,000: Third-degree crime
  • $500 or less stolen: Fourth-degree crime

What should I do if I have been accused of identity theft?

The first step you should take is to retain the services of a skilled and aggressive criminal defense attorney if you have been accused of identity theft. Our legal team at the Law Office of Michael A. Policastro understands that identity theft is a serious crime that can carry heavy consequences. Our attorney will work to explore all avenues of defense on your behalf. We will fight for your rights in court. It is important that you speak with our dedicated criminal defense attorney to learn more about our services and how we can assist you and your specific circumstances. Give us a call today.

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When someone is charged with a crime, they have a lot to consider. However, we understand that everyone makes mistakes, which is why we are here to help. No matter your circumstances, if you are facing criminal charges, contact the Law Offices of Michael A. Policastro today for the experienced legal counsel you deserve and need.

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