St. Patrick’s Day DUI Charges in New Jersey | What to Know

Unfortunately, many people get behind the wheel after drinking on St. Patrick’s Day. If you were charged with a DUI, you may want to consider your legal options. Reach out to our firm today to speak with an experienced Middlesex County DUI attorney. Our legal team is here to help you.

What are the consequences of a St. Patrick’s Day DUI charge?

If you were caught by law enforcement this St. Patrick’s Day operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, you can expect to face serious consequences, even if it is your first offense. Someone facing a first offense DUI in New Jersey can expect to face the following:

  • Face up to 30 days of incarceration
  • Up to 48 hours at the New Jersey IDRC
  • Potential loss of your license for up to 30 days
  • Install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle for 3 to 6 months
  • You will most likely have to pay a $500 fine

What penalties will I face if this is my second DUI charge in New Jersey?

As predicted, a second-offense DUI in New Jersey will have even harsher penalties. They will likely include the following:

  • Up to 48 hours in the New Jersey IDRC
  • 90 days of incarceration
  • Installation and use of an ignition interlock device for up to two years
  • A 2-year license suspension
  • A $1,000 fine
  • A $100 fine to the Drunk Driving Fund
  • A $75 fine to the Neighborhood Services Fund

Will I go to jail for a third offense DUI charge?

Consequences of a third-offense DUI in New Jersey may include jail sentences for individuals who do not retain the services of an experienced criminal attorney can expect to face the following penalties:

  • Up to 90 days of incarceration
  • A $1,000 fine
  • A 2-year license suspension
  • Up to 48 hours in the IDRC
  • Installation and use of an ignition interlock device
  • $100 fine to the Drunk Driving Fund
  • $75 fine to the Neighborhood Services Fund

No matter how many DUI offenses you have under your belt, our legal team is prepared to fight for you and your rights. Our legal team is equipped with the knowledge and experience required to ensure that you and your future are protected. Give us a call today to speak with one of our dedicated Middlesex County criminal defense attorneys. Our firm can help create the best line of defense for you. We are on your side.

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